After completing the Basic Carry Class an individual can elect to take the Enhanced Concealed Carry Class. The Enhanced License allows the individual to carry in areas that are prohibited by the Basic License. Some of these areas included qualifying College Campuses, Certain State Buildings and certain bars and restaurants along with many other areas. 

The class consist of a about six to eight hours of training. The course covers all of the laws pertaining to Enhanced Carry. It covers additional information about shooting skills and techniques to help the student qualify for the additional shooting requirements.

The student will need at least 50 rounds of ammo for this course. Multiple magazines are recommended but not required. Students are required to shoot from three different distances. Students must score at least 75% to qualify. Life size Targets are used with a positive score being inside the 7 ring. 

Cost for this course is $80. The first part of the class will consist of classroom material. The second half is set aside for the range portion of the class.

After completing the class the student must fill out an upgrade form and send this along with there training completion certificate to the State. State fees for upgrade are $15 unless you are age 65 or older. The price is then $7.50.

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