Arkansas Concealed Carry Class

The Arkansas Concealed Carry License, allows an individual to carry a qualifying handgun concealed on their person or vehicle. The State of Arkansas requires that you complete a one day shooting instruction course, a state and federal background check, and to submit fingerprints along with an application to the state to receive your license.
The one day course is taught at our store by one of our instructors. The cost for this class is $75. The class consist of about four hours of training in the class room and a shooting requirement. Topics include, gun safety, gun loading and unloading procedures, the laws pertaining to concealed carry, crossing state lines with your firearm, locations you can and can not carry, traffic stops while carrying and other topics required by the state. In addition there is a shooting requirement for the course. This will be a one on one event held on the range. The individual must fire at least 20 rounds on to a target. There is various distance in which you will shoot. If you are not an expert shooter please don’t be concerned. This course is very informal and allows for our instructors to give you one on one attention to help you.
Once you have completed the one day course, then the State has a website that you can go on to and fill out an application. You can pay online with a credit card or mail them a check. The Fees are $91.90 unless you are age 65+ then the fee is $66.15.  Veterans or active duty military the fee is only $40.40.
Once the state has received your completed application, payment,  and Class Completion Certificate, they will process your application. You will then receive a coupon that you will take to the Sheriff’s office to complete you finger prints. Once your prints are received the state will begin the process of completing your license. This usually takes about two to four weeks. Once you have passed all of their requirements you will receive your license in the mail. The license are the same size as your drivers license and they use your driver’s license photo. The license is good for five years.
Contact us at the store if you have any additional questions. One of our instructors will be glad to answer any questions. Remember a concealed carry is like a fire extinguisher, you hope you never need to use one. However, if you need it, you sure better have it.