Colt King Cobra Target 22 Handgun .22 LR 10rd Capacity 4.25″ Barrel Stainless Finish


Back in Stock in 4″ or 6″ Barrel

Colt King Cobra Stainless, .357mag 3″ barrel, Black Rubber Grips


Colt Python .357mag, 6rd Capacity, 6″ Barrel,Walnut Wood Grips, Stainless,


  Colt Python in .357mag in Filigree Finish. This is a beautiful firearm. This is a standard Colt Python with Filigree custom engraving. This is sure to be a collector for years to come.


Smith & Wesson M69 44 mag, Stainless 4″ Barrel, 5rds Synthetic  Grips, Adjustable Rear Sight


Smith & Wesson Airweight M642 38spl +p, 5 shot 2″ barrel, Stainless frame


Ruger Single Six Convertible 22LR/22WMR 6.5″ Barrel, Adjustable rear sight, 6rd


Smith & Wesson 686 Plus, .357 Mag. 7rd Capacity, 5″ Barrel, Stainless with Custom Black/Silver Wood Grips


Taurus Judge Executive Grade , .410/45LC 3″ barrel, 5rd. Executive Grade is custom fitted and assembled by a Factory Gun Smith for crisper action and fit.


Taurus Judge in 45LC/410 3″ barrel with 5rd capacity.


Heritage Rough Rider in 22LR/WMR comes with both cylinders & 6″ barrel Comes with Camo Laminate Grips.


The RM66 features Rossi’s prized double action trigger and  six-inch barrel pairs with a red ramp front sight and a fully adjustable rear sight.
Recoil reduction is the wrap-around rubber grip. It fits common holsters and speed loaders for similar sized medium frame revolvers.


Taurus Raging Hunter in 44mag. 6.75″ barrel, 6rd, two tone finish, Ported, Picatinny rail on top


Ruger LCR in 9mm. 1.87″ barrel. Double Action 5rd. Comes with 3 Moonclips/speed loaders. Clips do dual function. At 17oz this is an ideal CCL.


CZ Shadow 2 Compact in 9mm. Optics Ready, 2-15rd mags, 4″ barrel, Aluminum Grips, Adjustable Sights


Taurus 856 38spl +P 6rd with Stainless frame, 2″ barrel. Perfect for everyday carry.


NAA 22MS HG Handgun .22 Mag 5rd Capacity 1.125″ Barrel Silver with Black Holster Grip


Smith & Wesson Equalizer 9mm. EZ rack slide with 3 mags allowing you to customize the size you want to carry, 1-10, 1-13, and 1-15rd. Backstrap safety. MOS ready so you can add optics.


Smith and Wesson .380acp EZ 8+1 round capacity with 2 magazines. Features the easy rack slide and Picatinny rail. Available with or without thumb safety.


Smith & Wesson 22 Mag. Pistol, 2-30rd mags, Fiber Optic Sight, Picatinny rail, Optics ready


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Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm EZ 2-8rd Magazines Available with or without Thumb Safety


Smith and Wesson’s New EZ model in 30 Super Carry Caliber. 3.675″ Barrel, 10rd capacity, More than the 9mm. Check out the video for more info.


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Glock 43x Custom Engraved Black Cherry and Paisley 9mm, New Design.


Glock 43x Cherry Blossom and Engraved Medusa Pink. 9mm Excellent Concealed Carry


Glock 43X in Distressed Flag Gray. 9mm, 2-10rd mags, 3.41″ barrel.


Glock 43x, MOS, Optics Ready 9mm. 2-10rd Mags,


Glock 43x in “Glock and Roses Rose Gold” This is a custom engraved in a beautiful rose color. 9mm. Excellent Concealed Carry.


Glock 43x in Glock and Roses Custom Engraved Tiffany, Your standard Glock 43x with a beautiful color and engraving.



Glock 43x 9mm with custom Leopard Print, 2-6rd mags and 3.4″ barrel, makes for an excellent concealed carry.


Glock 44 in 22LR Comes with 2-10rd mags. Same size as the Glock 19.


Glock 47 MOS Gen 5 in 9mm. This is a full size frame with optic cut slide. Comes with 3-17rd mags. Smaller grip than the 17.


Glock 48 9mm 2-10rd magazines, 4.17″ Barrel, White Dot sights


Glock G45 Compact Crossover Pistol, 9mm, 3-17rd mags, Only a 4.02″ barrel, Similar to a G17 but with a shorter slide and barrel.


Springfield SA-35 9mm 4.7″ barrel, 1-15rd mag, walnut grips. Built on Browning High Power Design. Many of the parts interchange.


Springfield Garrison 1911 9mm, wood grips, 1-9rd mag, match grade barrel, 3-dot combat sights.


Springfield Echelon 9mm, 4.5″ barrel, Tritium front sight, 1-17 and 1-20rd mag, This is an excellent full size weapon. Optics ready


Springfield 1911 Prodigy 9mm, 5″ Barrel, Forged Steel Cerakoted frame. 1-17 & 1-20rd Mag, Too Many features to list. Come check it out.


Springfield Hellcat Gear Up Package. Includes Hellcat Pro, total of 5 magazines, and a range bag. Only while supplies last.


Walther p22 in 22LR. 3.4″ barrel, 2-10rd mags. Nickel  slide


Ruger LCP Max 75th Anniversary Edition 380acp 1-10rd mag 2.8″ barrel


Ruger LCP II 22LR. 2.75″ barrel, 10+1, Easy Slide


Ruger Mark IV 22/45 in 22LR. 5.5″ barrel, 2-10rd mags, One button take down. Excellent target pistol.


Ruger 57 Pro in 5.7×28, 4.94″ barrel, 2-20rd mags, Fiber Optic sights, Front rail,

$699.00 Sold

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Auto Ordnance 1911 GI US Army style, 45ACP, 5″ Barrel, Combat Sights, 7rd Mag


Colt 1911 Government Model in 45acp, 5″ barrel with bluded finish. Series 70 components


Tisas 1911 Duty in 45ACP, Stainless, with two different size grips, 2-8rd mags


Tisas 1911 Stakeout 45acp 5″ barrel 2-8rdmags,


Taurus TX22 Compact 22LR with 2-13rd mags, Optics Ready. Threaded 3.5″ barrel. Rail mount on the front.


Taurus G2C. 9mm This is our #1 selling handgun. It is compact with 2-12rd magazine. It has a very smooth trigger, adjustable sights, and a very comfortable grip.


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Sig Sauer P320 Xten Compact in 10mm, 2-15rd mags, 3.8″ barrel, Optic Ready,Compensator built in, X-ray 3 Day/Night Sights.


Sig Sauer P365 AXG Legion 9mm. 3.1″ barrel, Ported, 3-17rd mags, Optics Ready, G10 Chevron Grips, Xray 3 day/night sights


Sig Sauer P322 in 22Lr. 4″ barrel and 2-20rd mags. Ambi Safety, Fiber Optic Sights, Threaded Barrel, Optic Ready


Sig Sauer P365 Micro-Compact 3.1″ Barrel, 9mm, 10+1, X-ray 3 Day/Night Sights, Thumb Safety 2-Mags. Excellent carry gun.


Sig Sauer P365XL 3.7″ barrel, Compact and concealable with 2-12rd magazine. (Can use 15rd mags) Xray 3 Day night sights, OSP ready.


Sig Sauer 365-Macro. Slightly larger Grip than the XL. However it has 17 rd mags. Very comfortable in the hand.


Sig Sauer 365 9mm in ODG (Olive Drab Green) Distressed, 2-10rd mags. Tritum Night Sights. Excellent Concealed Carry.


Canik Mete MC9 9mm 3.18″ barrel with 1-12rd and 1-15 rd mag. Custom Canik Holster


EAA Girsan MC 14 T .380ACP Tip up 3.81″ barrel, 13rd mag, Front Rail. This is an excellent Pistol for people who have difficulty racking the slide.


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